Employment Opportunities

Are you an Entertainer? We'd love to hear from you! We are always open-minded about receiving new, good talent. Tell us about yourself. Upon your acceptance, we will post you on our web site - free of charge. First, however, see "how we operate" below... and read about how the market operates - so we'll both understand and if you agree - we'll add you to our roster!

Thanks for being interested.

Contact us via: e-mail, Mail, fax or phone: 780-942-2795.

How we operate:

Once we have you on our "to call" list, when a potential Client contacts us, we call Entertainers (you?) in that geographical area. We tell you the date, the time, and whatever they have told us (what they are looking for). If you are available, we ask YOU for 2 prices:

FYI: If you don't give us a discount [repeat customer], then what's our incentive to book you? If you don't reward us, how can we be expected to reward you? (hint, hint ... grin)

IMPORTANT: We want to know that - if we contact you for an event, and then later you receive an inquiry directly from the same event, that you will respect us first and not book them directly. WE respect other Agents in this way, and we want you to respect us likewise. Failure to conform will result in our removing you from our call list. See our video below of what it's like to be us.

We then add our percentage on top of your preferred price (a meager amount - not like many/most Agencies, where they double or triple it), and submit that resulting amount to the Client. If they don't have the budget, we lower it gradually, and sometimes coming closer to the "minimum" is acceptable for the Client. We confirm this with you, and send a contract to the Client.

YOU ARE THEN CONFIRMED, the show is booked, and you receive your price, as agreed. You go as a Party Central Entertainer, handing out ONLY our cards. We never mention tipping, but if they ask us, we say "That's between you and the Entertainer, but don't feel compelled to tip." Most do tip, making your take even higher, whereas we still make our minimal. Here's what WE expect, and demand, in return:

We all have heard of the definition of "Professional": "One who is paid...". If this is the case, then every Street Entertainer is a Professional. As you well know - not true. This is how WE define "Professional", and since we are paying you "Professional" rates, we EXPECT this in return:

(Please note - the following is written - not with anger, but ALL CAPS and bold. The ALL CAPS isn't "yelling", nor the bold meant to be authoritative - simply to accentuate it's meaning. We're nice folks, but as you can tell, we've had some bad experiences with Entertainers (costing us many thousands of dollars!!), and we are now fixing it before we have that experience with entertainers again     :-)

If this all seems "too much", we invite you to go to another Agent - there's plenty of them out there (see gigmasters.com). If you agree to all of this, we'd be delighted to talk with you! Or, read why we charge what we do... And a big THANK YOU to all the write-ins of agreement, and other Agents who want to post this, as well. Take what you want - the content on this page is public domain - spread the knowledge as you will! :-)

The Client/Vendor relationship:

Note: As of now (2008), we are no longer updating this page on a regular basis. If you want to add your photo or change description, it costs for either change, as our web person charges for time.

Last year alone (2007), we had 309 events "scooped" by other entertainers - because we let customers see their sites, or they Entertainer handed out their own cards. Obviously, we make nothing, and we also become a "free referral" - like a "charity". Some we don't catch at first - we catch them the following year, when we follow-up with the client, and ask them if they want to book again. They often say "Oh, we hired them again already". Then know the entertainer gave their card, and we DO tell the entertainer that they are caught, and ask for a fee. Of course, they never give it to is, and of course, we never call on them again. We also contact all other Agents and networks and tell them (as they do for us). It's that "Professional" etiquette that we Agents do as a favor for each other.

** Freedom of speech: before you "frown" on us for "airing" what Mariachi bands (and other intoxicated entertainers) have done to us in the past, let us present this to you: Do we now live in a society that allows Rappers to talk about killing Police, raping White girls and using malediction [bad language] that would make a Sailor blush - yet we can't say to our Secretary "That dress looks nice on you"??   Well, we choose to use our freedom of speech. Besides, what good is that freedom if one can only say things that don't offend anyone?? We would then be just like Russia! Also, if "Slander" means "bad-mouthing someone", they every one in the world is guilty of slander - I'm sure you know many people who have said "Chevys are junk!" or "Fords are junk!" or "Macs are garbage!". THAT is slander!!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: This site is hosted on a Canadian server - protected by Canadian free-speech laws, and protected against US e-mail-reading automation and the Patriot Act. If you don't agree with it's content, please feel free to browse a site with which you do agree.  :-)

Attention DJ Associations:
Do you like it when the oil companies perform "price-fixing"? You know - they all get together, and want to "get what they're worth" by raising gasoline prices. Sort of like - when a Union Shop says they're better (because they're more expensive), or minimum wage is set by government (Socialism - against the "free market" premise!). I'll bet you choose the cheaper choices with your purchases!

So ... think of that when you operate your associations. Price-fixing is against the "free market" premise*, that the MARKET determines prices, not the seller. Besides, we have utilized DJs that belong to those associations, and we've had less than good stories [a few bad] from some events over the years!
* This is not to say "you're wrong" or "you are bad"! It's just not how we operate.

So, PLEASE, all Associations that think you are better, please don't apply. When a Client only has a budget of $200 for a DJ, we do try to meet that budget. We have the right to perform for FREE if we want to - and likewise, you are free to operate the way you want to. Again, we have chosen to follow supply & demand (the Market).

Note: Although we have received calls* from angry DJ Association guys who say "you can't get <malediction withheld> for less than $800!", I would like them to see what I have given - many times - for far, far less. Again, we meet the market, and we have the right to charge what we want to - if we charge anything at all!
* (We've had 3 angry callers & e-mailers - although it's obvious they were "friends", as they all came in on the same weekend; never before or since. <grin>. They accused us of "Slandering the DJ Associations". Look it up - "Slander" is defined as   1) words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another;    2) an untruthful oral (spoken) statement about a person that harms the person's reputation or standing in the community.
So, every time you say "Ford stinks!" or "Macs stink", or "Never use <that> brand - they are terrible ", YOU  are committing slander!
Also, we have had many, many entertainers and Agents phone or write-in ... about how they agree with what we have to say. A few Agents have asked if they can post this on their sites. Obviously, everyone has permission! Share the knowledge!

DJs with Laptops: For you laptop users out there [myself included] - we have three issues:

  1. If your laptop ever crashes, we cannot have that. We use Unix-based laptops (NetBSD and Linux), so crashing is non-existent. (as well as viruses) We recommend Mac, Ubuntu, Solaris, or Linux. And most Apps are FREE - including iTunes - for ALL Unix OSes.
  2. Those who advertise that you have 40,000 to 100,000 songs on your laptop† - that's great ... but here's our math: if you used mp4 files (AAC files), which are 65% [2/3] the size of mp3, yet better quality - on a 100 GB hard drive (only some laptops have these [circa 2007], but most are only 80 GB†), you can fit only 15,000 songs on it! I use AACs (mp4) and I have an 80 GB internal drive, Unix (Net BSD), and my music applications, and I have 10,540 songs on it. There's rarely a song I don't have, and never a chart song I don't have (we are all AVLA licensed), and I would challenge you with songs I have that YOU don't have: <grin>
  3. This is only a "sidekick joke", so not to be taken seriously, but ... for those who say "I don't use CDs - I have an all-digital library" - just to let you know (and save you the embarrassment) ... all music on disc or hard drive [or stick] is "digital". Non-digital includes vinyl, tapes and acoustic [live music]. So [again], if you use CDs, you are digital - not to mention that CD sounds better than mp3 (but not better than mp4).

Although we're quite sure you subscribe to Promo Only (or comparable) and have every song listed at Wed Alert, I challenge other DJs to have the following artists:

  • Blackwood Brothers
  • Partridge Family
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (correctly pronounced "Vulf-gaang uh-MOD-ee-us  MOAT-sart")
  • Asumalac Ekim
  • Keith Thomas
  • Corb Lund Band
  • Gretzky Waynes
  • Maynard Ferguson
  • Bill Chase

(Note: If you tell me you have them all, I'll know you're making it up, as one is a name a friend of mine who wrote originals - nobody else on Earth has them, and another is made-up. <grin> Just keeping you on your toes. :-)  The "Mozart" was a freebie  :-)

NOTE: as of January, 2009, we've had a few DJs say "the song quiz is too difficult", so what we should make clear is the fact that we know most DJs have most every song in the book ... but we do get complaints from other DJ company customers that "Our last DJ didn't have much" or "... didn't take requests". We find not taking requests hard to understand, because ... well ... isn't that the DJ's job?? <grin>

Again, these [above] are just a few examples of music we have - on all our [Unix] laptops, and many, many more song genres - such as "World music"**, in addition to all the standard hits from Classical - to the 1920's to present-day Promo Only. (as well as Promo-only Canada.Yes, we are AVLA Licensed)
** "World/Ethnic" music includes our vast collection of Arabian, Romanian, Chinese, Swedish, Caribbean/Steel Drum, Russian/Ukrainian/Croatian, Serbian (Yugoslavian), Reggae/Soca, Polish, Portuguese, Latin/Mexican, Jewish/Klezmer, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Indonesian, Hindi/Punjabi (India), Hawaiian (the REAL stuff), Greek, German/Bavarian, First Nation/Native, Filipino, Czech, Costa Rican, most countries of Africa (there are 53 countries now on that continent, not 52, and Africa IS NOT A COUNTRY), and Celtic.

† * Note on hard drive capacity statement: We've received e-mails updating us that "there are now [2009] 120GB drives"  Then that "there are now 170...". Then 230. Then 320. Next week it'll be 370. The week after that 450... My point is that, since computers change at the speed of light*, we don't have time to change it here to keep up. No DJ [2009] has the internal storage room for 100,000 songs in AIFF format here in 2009 - they'd have to bring an external RAID system to their events. Maybe some DO - and that's great, but we're referring to "the masses" here. Also, we discourage mp3 use – we encourage mp4 (AAC) usage. Dolby Laboratories® wrote far better algorithms for mp4 than they did for mp3 - and mp4 have been out for 8years - I'm very surprised the computer industry still uses those antiquated mp3. Maybe "PEE THREE" sounds better then "PEE FOUR", I don't know. <sigh>
* The speed of light is 299,792.458 km/s (186,282.3960 miles per second).  "She blinded me with SCIENCE!" Googol ([intentionally mis-spelled] does not even have the correct definition of "Googol"!! Wikipedia does, and yes, it's a 1 with 100 zeros. A gogoolplex is 1[10][100]. I encourage everyone to use alternate search engines: monstercrawler.com, canadaspace.com, startpage.com, or altavista. Why not use Google? See here: http://search.monstercrawler.com/search/web?q=why%20google%20is%20horrible (notice those links are NOT found on Google??)

OK, back to being serious ... having waaaay too much fun here...

Charges & our fees: For some strange reason, entertainers never think of our expenses - only theirs. They phone us on our toll-free # (costing us money), but they don't want to phone us direct (costing them money) - they want us to phone them (costing us money), and then they get upset when we make a profit. Do you see where this is going??

When we book an event, we have to pay taxes (even when the entertainers don't). We pay 26% to the [US or Canadian] Government, 5% for Agency fees, and 5% [PLUS a $4 per charge] credit card fee - not to mention our monthly $800-$1,200 toll-free phone bill, and advertising as well. A $50 "profit" makes us an actual profit of $12.

Remember, most Agents and resellers double the prices. In some cases we've seen, they mark it up 450%. I know <un named electronics store> spends 52¢ on a stereo needle, and sells it for $7.99. Most all gear in a typical retail store is DOUBLED in price; many things are tripled.

And we found out that several of our entertainers were working for other Agents and resellers for FAR less - because they knew WE would pay more. NO LONGER!! The market sets the price, and you can take our events, or go elsewhere.   :-) (that was a grin, by the way)

Client contacting you - and our contacting you: As stated above, we've had several cases where we contact an entertainer about a particular event. They give us a [hopefully discounted] price, and we present that to the client with our modest 15% markup. The Client asks for their stage name, and presto - they look them up on-line. When you are contacted for an event by us, and later by a client directly, WE have the rights for that event. You may not book that event directly with them .. only through us. Again, they found you through us, and if you booked that event, you'd be getting a free booking - on our dollar. If they contact you before us, then go for it! We are in the process of changing all names on our site - so the browser (Client) cannot look you up directly. Please understand why we do this. Again, we become a charity, yet don't get the benefits of it!

So, should we find out you did this, however, we will never contact you again! And yes, the same thing happens to us all the time - (as we stated above) where a Client contacts us directly, after another Agent has asked us about it. We do respect that Professional ethic, and we contact the Agent, and let them know that the Client tried to book us directly. We do the event through the other Agent/Reseller. Again, what goes around ... comes around.


How the Market works:

A note to ALL Entertainers:
We have had many Entertainers convey to us "I am GOOD - if people want the best, it costs!". We realize that, and we're quite sure your show is worth 5 million dollars <grin>. However, in Economics class in College, it was taught that "we live in a market-driven society. The market dictates the price - not the seller."

Also, I would like to ask each Entertainer out there - do YOU drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? Or did you choose the cheapest vehicle you could buy? (And this is not for a single 4-hour performance for 1 day - your car is used daily, for years!) That airline ticket you bought - my money says you bought the cheapest airline - not the best airline. The cheapest gasoline - not the best gasoline. The cheapest computer - not the best computer. You name it, it was probably bought with exactly the opposite considerations in mind that you encourage customers to buy YOUR services. (And there ARE big differences in qualities of gasolines, computer OSes, and many other products [that are thought to be "all the same"]).

Keep this in mind when you ask others to put THEIR best money forward - when YOU probably didn't. We hope this puts things into a better perspective, as Customers have a budget of only so much (as you do/did). Yes, I wish, too, that everything could be really cheap for me, yet I made a huge boatload of money, but I've long-since come back from "la-la land". Ain't gonna happen. :-)

We need to be "price-tolerable" and understand that many people simply don't have the budgets they used to. We either need to bend, or risk losing the show. As the cost of fuel escalates (a friend in the industry says they expect gasoline to eventually reach $4.50 per gallon [as of 2008, he was right!]), it puts even more of a crunch on us (and the Client - if you raise your prices). Besides, if fuel has risen 50 cents per gallon, why are you charging us $40 more for a show ("for gas"), when that fuel only cost you $2 - $10 more for the event? C'mon, folks - we have calculators (and we perform shows, too - that force us to travel the same distances as you do).

Think of it THIS way: the computer you bought last week - did THEY tack-on extra "for gas"? THEY had to pay a shipper to brig them in, and it cost THEM more in fuel, as well. I'm sure you would have refused to pay extra for that, yet you insist that others pay extra for your fuel. Think about that. Also, here's a table that we have calculated. It's in gallons & US dollars (Canadians know both; Americans only know the King's way Imperial):

Gasoline cost
Gasoline cost

Cost you ~
this much more
You are charging
this much extra!
Plus, the Government gives you (taxes)
this much extra!
5 (local)
less than .50¢

(Estimates based on 12 L/100km (20 mpg), and calculations are conservative (fuel was not that low 2 years ago, and it isn't that high now [Aug 2010]).

Keep in mind - the Government gives you 40¢ (per km in Canada) or 48¢ (per mile in the USA) for your mileage. Getting payment for it from the customer is - in a way - getting it back twice  <grin>

10 (close)
less than .99¢
15 (moderate)
20 (getting far)
30 (kinda far)
40 (far)
60 (long drive)
100 (long drive)

Keep in mind - I drive a large Diesel truck, and it uses 30 L/100km (7 mpg). Driving costs me 3 times what it costs you, yet I don't usually add any on for fuel ... as it only costs me 50¢ to $25. We also realize that driving to an event IS "time", but remember - those "day job" folks that commute 1+ hour every day - they aren't getting paid a cent for their time, or their fuel. They also spend an hour applying make-up, yet don't charge their Employers for this time. Makes 'ya think, doesn't it? <smile>

DJ in Edmonton

Yes, I drive this Diesel truck to my larger events.
I drive a VW Diesel wagon to my smaller events.

OK, on to positive things...

Health Concerns:

Healthy Entertainers are happy Entertainers, and although all of this [below] sounds like we're being "mom & dad", we mean well - and hey, who knows - it may enhance your life...

• Cellular Phones:
Everyone uses a mobile (Cellular) phone these days. They are said to cause tumors and sterility. We always recommend that our Contractors (Entertainers) wear a headset or earbud when talking on their mobile phone, but it has been said far better by a Surgeon (circa December 2008): "Do not hold your cellular phone to your head [use a headset!], and leave it on your dashboard while talking and waiting for a call."

There is one simple reason for this: cellular phones work off of microwave transmission. And unlike a microwave oven, it has zero protection of this radiation. Yes, same with your laptop - keep it away from your lap!! Tests have confirmed that even a laptop turned OFF raises the temperature above 37 C (normal human temperature [98.6 in F]), and sterility can occur.

• "Smart" Phones and gaming:
For many articles on the destruction of our spine DUE TO SMARTPHONES and gaming devices, here's many articles:
Found via:


• Honey:

Honey is the only food on the planet that will not spoil or rot.  What it will do is what some call 'turning to sugar'.  In reality, honey is always honey.  However, when left in a cool dark place for a long time it will "crystallize".  When this happens loosen the lid, boil some water and sit the honey container in the hot water, but turn off the heat and let it liquefy naturally. It is then as good as it ever was.  Never boil honey or put it in a microwave.  This will kill the enzymes in the honey.

Bet the drug companies won't like this one getting around. Facts on Honey and Cinnamon:
It is found that a mixture of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also accept honey as a 'Ram Ban' (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without side effects for any kind of diseases. Today's science says that even though honey is sweet, when it is taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm even diabetic patients.

See a video by a Doctor:

• Glasses:
Since most performers find eyeglasses a burden, we suggest the holistic way to improve eyesight: Pinhole Glasses: Also called "Stenopedic glasses", like sunglasses with a grid of tiny holes, they are a cheap and easy way to help correct poor vision when worn for only 15 minutes a day!* They only cost $30 to $40. They also help reduce heart-rate, headaches and tension.


   or the more modern:

Try them - your eyesight will improve! (It took me only 4 months to be rid of glasses! But remember, keep wearing them. It's like exercising - when you stop, atrophy occurs.
* Follow directions - start out with 30 seconds, and every day, increase it 30 seconds.)

Anti-snore Ring: For those 99% of humans who snore, here is a simple (think acupressure) remedy.

Self Hypnosis:
Although I'll not get into "self-hypnosis" here, it's a fantastic way to sleep better (and deeper), and get the same effects of "Yoga". After all, Yoga and Kung Fu are respected, but self-hypnosis (same basic premise as yoga & Kung Fu) is not so respected.

• Try the DVORAK Keyboard: (you use the QWERTY keyboard)

DVORAK LayoutHaving taken scientists (Dr. August Dvorak and his team of 10 other Scientists and Surgeons) 12 years to develop after being commissioned by the Military, the Dvorak keyboard puts the most-used consonants on the right side of the home row, and all of the vowels on the left side of the home row. Among other design features, it is set up to facilitate keying in a back-and-forth motion - (right hand, then left hand, then right, etc.) When the same hand has to be used for more than one letter in a row (e.g., the common t-h), it is designed not only to use different fingers when possible (to make keying quicker and easier), but also to progress from the outer fingers to the inner fingers ("inboard stroke flow") - it's easier to drum your fingers this way (try it on the tabletop). The back-and-forth flow obviously makes typing quicker and easier: Try typing the word "minimum" on the Qwerty keyboard, then look how you'd type it on Dvorak [pictured here]. The design puts fully 70 percent of all English keystrokes on the home row (only 32 percent of Qwerty's are on the home row), making Dvorak much easier, faster, and less likely to result in carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries.

Want to switch? It's easy - go to your Control Panel!! Buy a keyboard cover here! Or, do what I did - I used a small screwdriver and removed the keys, then pressed them back at the Dvorak positions. Free, and piece of cake!

Again, the QWERTY was invented in the 1700's - to slow typing down; the DVORAK was invented this century - by Engineers - to speed typists up and correct carpal-tunnel Syndrome. Dare to be better? Switch to Dvorak! See a video here: typedvorak.com


How to switch/add Dvorak as a keyboard layout:
1. Open your "International" preference or control panel. Shown here on a Macintosh - in Canada (hence the "Canadian" layout):

2. Check on "Dvorak" I have it highlighted here (and made it smaller to fit better):

That's it - you're done!

Soft Drinks / Water

  1. The active ingredient in Coca Cola® is phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid leaches calcium from bones and is a major contributor to the rising increase of osteoporosis (bone loss). My point: DRINK WATER [below]. For meals, drink 100% grape juice - at room temperature. Once you get used to it, you'll never go back!
  2. To carry Coca-Cola syrup! (the concentrate) the commercial trucks must use a hazardous Material place cards reserved for highly corrosive materials.
  3. The distributors of Coke have been using it to clean engines of the trucks for about 20 years!


  1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
  2. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is mistaken for hunger.
  3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as mush as 3%.
  4. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pains for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study.
  5. Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
  6. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water [there are about 200ml per glass] a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers. that translates to 2 liters per day.
  7. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a ! printed page.
  8. Drinking 5 glasses [1 liter] of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%., and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer. CAUTION: Drinking too much water over-taxes your kidneys (filters), so drink when you are thirsty.

Speaking of fuel –
This may save you money: For gasoline engines - you only need to buy fuel grades that keep your engine from knocking (pinging). Don't buy "Premium" (91+ octane) unless your engine "pings" (knocks) under slight acceleration or up hills. This gasoline is NOT better than "Regular" (87) octane fuel - it only has higher octane, which burns SLOWER (not faster), therefore eliminating knock (ping).

One further note: If your vehicle is fuel-injected, don't buy from the "cheap" gasoline stations, as those dealers buy the high sulfur (cheaper, rejected) gasoline from refineries. This sulfur clogs injectors! It will cost more to fix your vehicle in the long run - than you save on the gasoline cost! And no one wants to know this, but alas ... crude oil from the Middle-East has low sulfur in it, whereas American crude is typically high in sulfur - and sulfur is not refined out. Sorry for that dismal news.

Most Americans are unaware that 10% of their oil comes from Canada (Ft. McMurray, in Alberta), and many Canadians are unaware that THEY pay the cost of transporting it to the USA. (Now THERE'S a "raw deal"!) Do you feel better - knowing that you're paying "only" $3.50 per gallon? We are paying 90¢ per liter (~ $4 per gallon).

If your engine is Diesel, please help the environment by buying Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (called "LSD" - 50 parts per million) or, (mandatory at all pumps in Canada) Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel ("ULSD" - 10ppm). The current generation of Diesel engines can handle either grade, and it is expected that the next generation of engines will be able to efficiently run on fuel with sulfur concentrations as low as 5 parts per million. Sulfur burns in air to form the gaseous dioxide sulfur(IV) oxide, SO2          S8(s) + 8O2(g) 8SO2(s)

Or, even better, use BioDiesel!

To learn about how Gasoline and Diesel is (are) made, see http://retail.petro-canada.ca/en/independent/2060.aspx#How is diesel fuel made?

• Get rid of viruses ...use Unix:

Although most are unaware of this, the telephone company has been using Unix since it abandoned Switchboard Operators in the 50's. Also, if you use an iPhone iPod or Mac®, you're using Unix. UNIX IS FREE and there are no viruses (or crashes!). Next time you have to take in your computer for upgrade or repair, have them install Unix for you. No more upgrades (like Windows®), and you can leave it running 24/7/365, and you will have no crashes or viruses or any other fears. Trust us - we use it 24/7/365, no firewall. And zero crashes or viruses.

Lastly, when sending your information to your Clients and colleagues, don't use DOC, use PDF. Adobe made PDF (Portable Document Format) so any OS can read a [PDF] document and it will be viewed and printed *exactly* like the original computer on which it was created. Here's our "mission":

PDF vs DOC (and XLS, and ALL other documents)
Back when I was in IT in the Silicon Valley, the other IT folks taught me a saying: "Friends don't let friends use DOC." There was a HUGE push "to wean the public off" of sending the actual documents (DOC, XLS, PPS, DXF, etc), and have them send PDFs. Actually EVERYTHING should be sent PDF. It stands for "Portable Document Format", and is like sending it to a virtual printer ... a printer which *any* operating system can read - as if *it* is the printer.
(Note: We used to use OS/2, and then Linux (Unix). We know people who use Irix, Solaris, Mac, BeOS, and others. Before making fun of all of these users [many are Engineers, Scientists and Movie Producers] we need to be aware that they have ZERO fear of viruses.)
So, getting back to the subject at hand...
There are some good reasons to send a PDF file, rather than the file you are using to send:

  1. They can't make changes to it. (PDF is a read-only file. A DOC file can easily be changed without your knowing it. That could be really bad if you sent them a contract. But - an office can search for text [same as a DOC] - as in when they receive resumés.)
  2. PDF files *always* look *exactly* like the original. A PDF is ALWAYS exactly like the original - no matter if your client is at work - on OS2 or BeOS, or if someone is on Mac, Irix, Linux, Solaris, etc. That's why Adobe® named it PDF ("Portable Document Format") - because it opens easily, no matter what app or OS the recipient is using. Why? Because it's a PRINTER file - made to send "as is" to a printer. *ANY* operating system can read it (hence the name "Portable Document Format"), and it is *guaranteed* to be *exactly* like it's origin. With DOCs, XLS, or all other extensions - people having different font sets, or a different size screen .... it will show up differently. not to mention those millions of people (like us) who use a different Word Processor, Calendar, Spreadsheet, Database, etc. Again, rather than the recipient having to possess *your* application, they don't need it at all! Pretty handy!
  3. There is never a worry of viruses. (A PDF doesn't carry viruses. A DOC can. PDF is a great way to *know* you're not going to get (or send) a virus.)
  4. A smaller file is sent to the client (About 25% smaller file. Some PDFs are 75% smaller than the original file!)
  5. Readers don't need an App to view a PDF. (mentioned above)

30% of people don't have DOC readers (other OSes, or they don't have the Application), so only 70% of your Clients can read them. 100% of computers *can* read PDFs!We say all this:

  1. To protect *you* better.
  2. Because *we* prefer to receive PDF files, as well. Sure, "Pages" (one of Unix's 150+ Word Processing apps) opens DOCs, but "Preview" (one of Unix's 63 Image viewing apps) will open a PDF much faster, saving us time.If you need assistance on how to create them, access "help", or let us know - but it is this easy:

Choose "Print..." as you normally would to print a document to your printer, then...
Choose "Save as File..." [Windows] or "Save as PDF..." [Mac, Solaris, Unix, BeOS) and save it to your desktop [or preferred location]. Attach that resulting file to your e-mail.

Sorry for the "novel". But in closing, most all Professional sites use PDFs exclusively (for manuals, etc), but lots of "regular people" are still using DOCs (or XLS, etc).

On a political note: (brought on by "fuel" above)

Imperial: It is ironic - by definition - that America still uses imperial (gallons, miles, ounces), which was the King's [of England] system of measurement. You know - the King that made those founding fathers shed blood (shoot a bird at) and say "we want nothing to do with you, England!!" Yet Americans still not only use that antiquated system, they refuse to abandon it for the scientific system!

Just for kicks and grins, read our "why metric" page...

So, if a Client shows you our contract, and you happen to notice everything in meters and kg and Celsius, that's why. We choose the modern (scientific) way, not the King's way. <smile> And realize, you are already using SI (metric) in your daily life - see some examples here.

Socialism: Yes, we realize that we are far more Socialist that we know. And we've been corrected by many (and they are CORRECT!) with many examples of how we are Socialized:

Public Schools
ALL utilities (they are ALL Government regulated)
The recent bailouts
The US Post Office
Social Security
Public transit
Subsidized housing
Food stamps
Pell grants
Public works
Eco preservations
Roads & bridges, sidewalks, bike paths
Port Authority, Electric Cooperatives
The patriot Act

Again, sorry for the [literal!] novel.

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