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Whether you are from Hawaii (correctly pronounced "Huh-VIE---ee"), or are a mainlander "Howlee" like us, you'll have fun choosing from a variety of live acts - ranging from Duos to Full-Scale Combos:

Ka Ehu Kai

Mele, music or song, is an integral part of the Hawaiian culture. For those who have lived or spent time in Hawai'i knows of the mana, power, of mele.

How it has provide the Hawaiians a powerful vehicle for their oral traditions. Allowing them to pass down their history and culture from generation to generation in a form that touches the hearts of the Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart. With this in mind, Ka Ehu Kai, has a mission to touch those hearts and souls through our mele.

Who We Are:
We are based in San Lorenzo, California. Our band specializes in a unique blending of traditional and contemporary  Hawaiian music, Reggae, Polynesian, Jazz, Pop, Fusion and even a smidgen of Western (when inspired).

Island Riddim Band

We are a contemporary Hawaiian music band based in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Our debut CD has finally been released. It is a showcase for the many diverse musical styles that our band has to offer.

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