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Pictured here is the JAZZinc. quartet with tenor saxaphonist Scott Petersen, although originally from the Detroit area Scott has become one of the Bay Area's hottest sax players. The picture is a few years old but Scott is still available to compliment the JAZZinc quartet with his masterful ability to play straight-ahead jazz as well as any other form of jazz on the planet.

Hear their Demos: Just Jammin'; Strawberry Fiends

T H E M U S I C I A N S :


Founding member of JAZZinc is an incredibly talented keyboard player. Tim is accomplished in funk,blues and jazz. Tim on many occasions plays both bass & keyboards simultaneously. (and at the same time). Tim has appeared in the past on venues with SLY STONE , and members of the CARLOS SANTANA band. Tim is dedicated to performing jazz, what he considers as the ultimate form of musical expression.

Tim is an outstanding keyboard player who on many performances plays both bass and keyboards simultaneously (and at the same time). Tim is well schooled and experienced in Funk/R&B and Jazz. Tim also (along with drummer/percussionist John Waller) created JAZZinc. Having appeared in the past on venues with SLY STONE as well as playing with musicians from CARLOS SANTANA'S BAND, he has proven to be an incredibly versatile and musical player who is dedicated to performing and providing clients with excellent jazz.


Guitarist Dave Bell is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where he studied with many jazz greats including Gary Burton. Local heavyweights Paul and Sheila Smith schooled Dave in Brazilian guitar when he played with their trio.

Currently he plays with the funky vocal group Instant Bro and the Brazilian/jazz band Via Rio while running his studio (Bellboy Recording) where he has recorded many of the area's leading musicians. Mix these experiences with his love of a beautiful song and a rich tone and you have the Bellboy!


John Waller is a versatile and unique drummer and percussionist. John currently plays with the group Groove.Org a groove oriented jazz jam group. John also currently plays with kris Bowerman and Kuimba, playing African-folk style music. Also John plays with Balkan music group, "Rumeli". He is currently playing with Bruce Burger and RebbeSoul, playing middle eastern groove music.


FRED RANDOLF - UPRIGHT BASS IN BACKGROUND, GRAHAM BRUCE ON TRUMPET - LEADING HIS OCTET AT 19 BROADWAY. Both Graham and Fred have their own groups and appear with many of the Bay Areas top jazz ensembles. They have both performed with JAZZinc. They currently have an outstanding jazz CD entitled "Grand Canyon Blue" for sale at Grahams website:


Rob Michael - is an accomplished guitarist able to play many styles of music. Rob with his fine ear and excellent music knowledge is easily at home with straight-ahead jazz as well as the classic jazz standards. Rob has played with the JAZZinc. ensemble several times with wonderful results. With a "Metheny-like" sound to his guitar playing Rob enhances the group quite well.


Tony Alvis hails from the state of Louisiana and his roots are deeply tied to New Orleans and its jazz heritage. Since arriving in California in 1990 he has performed with numberous groups including: Marcus Roberts, Mel Martin, The Hip Joints, JAZZinc. as well as leading his own jazz group, The Real Music Ensemble.


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