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Caricature Artists

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Caricature Artists

Caricature Artists can draw about 20 sketches per hour (black & white chalk), or 12-15 sketches per hour (color chalk).

We have Caricature Artists in most every city in the USA and Canada, so e-mail us for quotes and availability for your event!

Looking for a Caricature Artist in San Francisco?

Caricature Artists in San FranciscoRasa is an illustrator who specializes in cartooning and caricature. Caricature Artists in BerkeleyA freelance artist since 1994, she has the creative capabilities to handle any project from illustrations to murals. She loves to illustrate children's books, greeting cards, murals and drawing caricatures.

She began learning the art of caricature in 1997 and has since sketched at several special events including parties and weddings. Past clients include Intel, 3 Com and Alice Radio.

e-mail us for quotes and availability.

Looking for a Caricature Artist in San Diego?

Caricature Artists in San DiegoDave is a full-time Caricature artist. Ha has entertained at thousands of Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, picnics, birthdays, conventions, corporate functions and other events for over 14 years.

Caricatures are great for all ages - entertainment that doubles as a souvenir! He arrives early, dressed appropriately, prepared and ready to draw. He draws fast (around 20-40 caricatures per hour). He can stroll and draw, too, which is uncommon.

"As soon as the word gets around that there is a caricature artist afoot, the caricature line is long and steady for the duration of the event. A caricature is a great take home party favor!"

e-mail us for quotes and availability.

Caricature Artist, San Diego     San Diego Caricature Artist

Looking for a Caricature Artist in New York (and Long Island!) or New Jersey?

Caricature Artist, Long Island   Caricature Artist, New York  Caricature Artist, NY

Phone us at 1-888-797-6729 or
e-mail us at for quotes and availability.

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