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Hawaiian Dancers (sometimes available: Samoan, Tahitian, Maori (New Zealand), Fiji Dancers)

Hula dancers, San Francisco
Hawaiian dancers, Daly City

Aloha - see our Hawaiian Dancers...

Hawaiian dancers, Palo Alto

See our Belly Dancers
(Family audiences only, please)

e-mail us for information on Dancers in your area!

Hula dancers, Oakland

Our Dancers include:

  • Arabian
  • Belly
  • Fire, Snake & Sword-swallowing
  • Hawaiian (Hula)
  • Polynesian
  • Tahitian
  • Turkish DancersPricing varies depending upon the length of show, and number of Performers ordered.

  • Contact us for quotes and availability. Or simply phone 1-888-797-6729.

    The major difference between Tahitian and Hawaiian:
    Tahiti uses the large headdresses for formal 'ote'a style dancing. Tahitian 'aparima and other dance forms do not require the headdress and can look like Hawaiian Hula to the untrained eye. The traditions, approach to dancing, insturments used are also different.

    e-mail us for information on Dancers in your area!

    Hula dancers in Edmonton

    Hawaiian Dancers:

    Belly dancers, San Francisco
    From one ...
    Hula dancers, San Francisco
    to a few...
    to a whole troup...
    Hawaiian dancers, San Jose

    Add Live acoustic (or amplified) Instrumentalists to any package:

    Hawaiian dancers, Mountainview   Hula and Hawaiian dancers, East Bay

    Our Band can include the Hawaiian Band that played on Disney's "Lilo & Stitch movie! (above-right)

    We provide Hula Dancers in the San Francisco Bay Area,
    in the San Diego area, and all across the USA and Canada!
    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, North Bay
    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Concord

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, South Bay

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Pinninsula

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Bay Area

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Tampa
    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Chicago
    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, New York and Manhattan

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, San Diego

    In San Diego

    Music & Dance from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand.

    e-mail us for information on Dancers in your area!

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Los Angeles
    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Miami Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Boston
    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Denver

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Phoenix
    The Healii Band!

    One of San Diego's premiere Polynesian music and dance revues. They have won many awards at Dance Festivals such as E Hula Mau, Tahiti Fete of San Jose, Irvine's Polynesian Dance Competition, the Las Vegas Ka La Hoku, and all over Southern California.

    They are proud to announce that their own Edieann Heali'i'O Nalani is the reigning "Miss Hui O Hawaii of San Diego for 2002."

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Seattle

    In Canada:

    Hawaiian Dancers in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or any other Canadian city. We provide any arrangement of dancers!

    In remembrance of Leilani –
    1989 - 2020


    We will ALWAYS remember you!

    Belly Dancers

    See our YouTube video demo!

    Belly Dancers:

    Belly dancers, East Bay

    Bring the whole family for this true-to-life dancing by experienced veterans! ...

    We provide Belly Dancers in the San Francisco bay area, San Diego, as well as all across theh USA and Canada!

    Belly dancers, San Francisco


    Winner: 1997 Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition.

    Belly dancers, Palo AltoBelly dancers, South Bay

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    (Recently relocated to Hawaii)

    Belly dancers, HawaiiLooking for a Belly Dancer in Hawaii? Internationally acclaimed performer Estara has been dancing on stages since the age of 11. She has danced throughout the US, in London, Morocco, and Bali, on television, at festivals, for the royal family of Saudi Arabia, and at the World Festival of Sacred Music (initiated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama).

    "When I saw Estara dance and how she vibrated energy through her body giving it to the earth, I recognized her as a shaman/healer who through sacred dance is doing similar healing work as we do in our ceremonial circles in the rainforest of Equador. This is very important work for our planet in these times."
    – Anank Nunink - Tribal Leader & Shaman, Equadorian Shuar Culture/Tribe

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Hawaii, Oahu


    Belly dancers, San Jose

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    With sword!
    e-mail us for her video!

    Looking for "Roz", the Belly Dancer? We have her!

    Belly dancers, San Diego

    The beautiful Zanaida (San Diego Area)

    Belly dancers, Los Angeles

    Mara (Orange County, Southern CA)

    Mara performs at a variety of Middle Eastern venues such as Cairo Carnivale, Rakkasah, Market at the Casbah, and Bedouin Bazaar. Her performances have been broadcast on both local and international television.

    She is skilled with zills, rectangular veils, semi-circular veils, scimitar, shamadan, cane & candelabera and performs outstanding drum solos and floor work.

    Available for private functions, but sorry, no bachelor parties.

    Belly dancers, Marin County

    Sohaila (San Diego Area)

    The San Diego Weekly Reader magazine has chosen Sohaila as the Best of the Best in 2003! Her international appearances have included bookings in Mexico, Paris, Greece, Syria, Dubai, Egypt, and Jordan, to name a few. In 2001, she was nominated for the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dancing's Modern Egyptian Dancer Award.

    Belly dancers, North Bay


    Belly dancers, Tampa BayMerhaba butun arkadaslara!
    (Hello to all my friends!)

    "You can show anyone a step, but not a soul!"
    – Nadia Gamal

    Venues:Belly dancers, Miami
    Crystal Ballroom
    Zodiak Hookah
    Sheesha Lounge
    Greek Town
    UCLA Turkish Night


    Belly dancers, Las VegasProviding entertainment for the stars and special events. Hollywood luminaries such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Lawrence Kazden marveled; Coach Phil Jackson of Laker's fame. Geena Davis and Paula Abdul also found time to take a swing of the hips! Also, Atlantis landed a great spot on a "Good Morning America" feature "Spotlight in Long Beach," showing "What's Hot in Long Beach." Currently Atlantis is working on the new DVD "Mega Stars of the Universe" featuring Champions of the BDUC.

    Atlantis is the true embodiment of the Universal Dancer. She was called to do an overnight Egyptian Spectacular at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas only to return in time to jump on a plane to work in Florida at the request of Kahreen and Kira, another wonderful mother/daughter duo. Atlantis has all the necessary requirements that make a star a Star. She is a terrific vocalist, outstanding actress and her dance (all kinds) is unbeatable. Her international video credits alone have brought her world fame, along with her television and stage work.

    Best Oriental Dancer,
    – Zaghareet Magazine

    Best Cabaret Dancer
    – International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance.

    Best Event - Belly Dancer of the Universe Competitions
    – Zaghareet Magazine

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Las Vegas

    Farouche (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Manhattan and New York City

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Boston

    Sharifa (San Francisco Bay Area)

    She thinks she's getting older?
    She's getting BETTER, don't you think?

    Belly dancers, Washington DC

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Washington DC

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Concord

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, MartinezBelly dancers, Walnut Creek

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Pleasanton

    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Mountainview

    Zulieka & Elyana
    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Cupertino Belly dancers, Monterey

    Tansy, Raha
    (San Francisco Bay Area)
    and ...

    Belly dancers, Portland

    "Glowfinger" - the fire of the night!

    Hula andn Hawaiian dancers, Portland OR

    The lovely Fahteim
    (San Diego Area)

    Belly dancers, Denver

    "Sirens Insanity"
    (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Seattle

    Nadia (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Belly dancers, Miami

    Belly dancers, Fort Lauderdale

    Westley (Seattle, WA area)

    For the best in Male Belly Dancing, this Professional Belly Dancer is also a Professional Fire Performer - including poi, staff & eating, fire-blowing, transfer, chains, and club swinging! (ask about our "Ali Alim" package)

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Fort Lauderdale


    (Seattle, WA area)

    Belly dancers, Ft Lauderdale

    Hula and Hawaiian dancers, Ft Lauderdale

    e-mail us for quotes and availability.

    View our Prices for Dancers

    Fire & Sword-Swallowers:

    Sword dancers, San francisco
    (Santa Cruz/
    San Francisco Bay Area)
    Sword dancers, Los Angeles

    Performing ethnic and folkloric dance suitable for all audiences, we combine traditional Middle-Eastern steps from such dances as Saidi and Debke with lively staging and audience participation. Our dances are derived from traditional regional dances including those of North Africa, Turkey, Persia, Egypt, and Arabian Peninsula.

    Fire knife dancers, miami

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