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MC Squared™

Premier Disc Jockey, Live Musician, Recording Artist & Emcee.

MC Squared!

MC Squared™ uses a white Tuxedo for announcements!


Since 1986, MC Squared™ is the only DJ who plays live Sax, Flute, Guitar and Clarinet while he DJs, and the only DJ or musician to breathe fire out of his Sax and smoke from his Guitar... The live music DJ; the live Sax DJ; the sax-playing DJ!

Yes, MC Squared - the singing, Sax playing DJ - plays live Sax, Flute, Guitar and Clarinet while he DJs! From elegant dinner music to wild and crazy dancing, he plays it all ... and not just before he DJs or during a break - while the music is playing. It's like having a live band for the price of a DJ!

He plays along with Light Jazz, New Age and Blues during dinner and while people are mingling. Occasionally roaming from table to table. Then he can get wild and crazy to Rock, Techno and Dance while spinning on the dance floor, jumping into a split, sliding across the floor, or breathing fire out of his sax!

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MC Squared!

Here are more photos of MC Squared™ in action...
... yes – DJing while he sings, plays, and impersonates!

Upon requests for Elvis,
he warms up the audience for some Dancing.
(note the LIP thang ... thanku vurymusch...)

Uh, huh...
<gettin' that LEG goin'...>

The Heat is On!

*Optional visual effects include fog,
various coloured smoke, and Fire Sax!

Doing the Chicken Dance with the audience.

Notice the Mickey Mouse® Ears and the Disney® "I'm Goofy" shirt.

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