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Elvis Presley

Phone us at 1-888-797-6729 or
e-mail us at

Elvis photoLooking for an Elvis Presley Impersonator or singing telegram? We have them - from budget Elvises to look-alike & sound-alike! Coast to coast! Prices vary widely, so e-mail us - or phone toll-free: 1-888-797-6729.

From "singing telegrams" to Corporate "meet & greet" to birthday parties, we do them all!

We serve the USA, as well as Canada!

"Thanku vurymusch..."
(Gittin' that LEG goin')

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   Elvis in Jump Suit Elvis with Guitar

Elvis Presley impersonators & singing telegrams.

e-mail us - or phone toll-free: 1-888-797-6729.

We offer Elvis impersonators in:

Lake Worth (West Palm Beach/Palm Beach), Florida

Miami, FL

Tampa, FL

Fort Lauderdale / Delray Beach, FL

Miami, FL

Manhattan, NY (includes Queens, BronxBrooklyn, etc. We do serve Long Island, but travel fees apply.)

Chicago, IL

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

San Francisco, CA / Oakland, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Atlanta, GA

Phoenix, AZ

Nashville, TN

Of COURSE, Memphis, TN

New Orleans, LA

Cincinatti, OH

Columbus, OH

Atlantic City, NJ

Trenton, NJ

Boston, MA

Philadelphia, PA

Washington, DC

Richmond, VA

Roanoke, VA

Hartford, CT

Portland, ME (Maine)

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