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Jugglers and Escape Artists

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We juggle everything from fire to bowling pins. One of our Jugglers has worked with John Candy. Sorry, we don't juggle Chain saws :-)

Animated photo courtesy of Juggler James Jay !

Jeff DeMont Comedy Juggler in Los Angeles.
Mark Angelo Comedy Juggler & clean Comedian. Based in Ohio, he travels nationally.


This beautiful gal juggles while dancing around the stage with music! She can be seen at many NBA half-time shows.

Jean-Paul Valjean For high-end (Corporate) shows, where excellence is most important.
Jon Perry Amazing talent, as well as entertaining!
Marc Collar Performs Stand-up, Birthday Parties and Corporate functions. (Mark Collier, Juggler!)
Rapanees Unicycle, Juggling and SO much more! Rapanese the Juggler!
Keith Evastage One of the world-famous featured performers at San Francisco’s Pier 39!
MooNiE The Magnificent Great juggling, jokes and audience participation. He does a "silent show" - it is HILARIOUS!
Broon Great juggling, jokes and audience participation. He also does an excellent "escape artist" act!
Merrie Mary Comedy, juggling, pole-walking, audience participation in a fun-filled 5-10 minute bit or a 30 minute show.
Terrell & Takako Hayes Single - or as a team! Mimes, Asian routines, Unicycles, Audience participation. Incorporate some magic, too - Keystone Cops, etc. Worked with Disney - and others - in the USA - and in Tokyo.
The Butterfly Man A very funny comedic juggler who is perhaps best used as a master of ceremonies.

James Jay
Professional juggler and circus artist. His unique variety acts have explored such diverse themes as cutting-edge technology, 18th-century poetry and clown ethnography. The common element: a simple and direct thematic focus. From Germany!

Jeff DeMont

JugglerA unique comedy Juggler. In addition to his juggling routines he has a routine: balancing three golf clubs in different ways.

If you are a corporate event, he can also write material specifically for your product line. He performs a comedy juggling show with a wide range of experience worldwide for over two decades. See his web site!

e-mail us today for his rates and availability!

Jeffrey Daymont, Comedy Juggler in os Angeles!


Mark Angelo

Juggler in OhioComedy Juggler & clean Comedian. Has been featured on the David Letterman Show. Based in Ohio, he travels nationally!

e-mail us today for his rates and availability!

Mark Collier, Juggler in Santa Barbara!

Marc Collar

Mark Collier"Mark has been astounding zoo audiences for 15 years... highly recommended!"
Nancy Hollenbeck
Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens

David Letterman
Late Night with David Letterman

e-mail us today for his rates and availability!

Mark Collier, Juggler in Santa Barbara!

In Southern California...

Olga K

Olga KaravaevaFrom Siberia comes this beautiful Russian juggler now residing in the U.S. and available for your special event!

Rings, clubs, balls and diabolos fly through the air while Olga dances around the stage in her high energy show - put to music.


Rapaneese the JugglerLooking for a Juggler in San Francisco's East Bay? Rapanees juggles while riding his unicycle! He balances on the weirdest of things - the whole family will enjoy!

Rapanese the Juggler!


JugglerLooking for a Juggler in Wilmington, Deleware? Look no further –

Jon's show is as entertaining as it is talent-filled!

Moonie The Magnificent

Looking for a Juggler in Chicago? MooNiE is your man!

MooNiE the Magnif'Cent is best known for his performances at Renaissance faires around the Country. Moonie's act is a combination of amazing feats of balance, juggling, and absolutely hilarious comedy.


JugglerA proper British Lady, juggling fire or knives, above the audience, balanced on the Evanoff Pole - that's what the Merrie Mary Show can add to your Event!

Her comedy, juggling, pantomime, pole-walking (similar to rope-walking), engages the audience to participate actively in a fun-filled 5 to 10 minute bit or a 30 to 45 minute show.

e-mail us today for her rates and availability!

The Merry Mary Show!

The Butterfly Man

JugglerA very funny comedic juggler! With numerous Television appearances, he is best for your large, Corporate function where quality is top priority.

See Robert Nelson - the Butterfly Man!

Contact us for quotes and availability. View our Prices...

Keith Evastage

Dazzling crowds from San Francisco’s Pier 39 to BayTV, Mornings on 2 and Evening Magazine has solidified Keith’s reputation as a superb performer!

In over a decade as a professional, Keith has performed from Key West, to Portland, Boston to Los Angeles, Canada, England, and Japan.

In the Bay Area, Keith has performed his award-winning act for audiences from 5 people to corporate events of 5,000.

e-mail us today for his rates and availability!

The Keith Show - starring Keith Eveslage!

John-Paul Jean

Pleasing the smallest child to the most hard-to-please adult, John-Paul will amaze any crowd!

e-mail us today for his rates and availability!

"Comedy Vaudeville at it's very best"
– Jim Nazim, London Hearald

"Extremely talented yet humble"
– Waren Peace, Berkeley Gazette

Jean-Paul Valjean, Juggler!


Juggler in CaliforniaBROON is a comedian/juggler. He's a juggler who eats fire and he's a very funny performer. The best way to experience the BROON SHOW is in person.

ESCAPISM: Well, we found out about this one the hard way. BROON spent a great deal of his time here studying the unusual art of escape. He can escape from a strait jacket while hanging in mid-air!!!

FIRE EATING: BROON often sticks large flaming torches down his throat.

If you would like to hear from more recent "Broonies" read the what the Friends Of BROON have to say...

"Broon was great... he's why we come to the fair every year"
Kathy Spencer, Fair Guest, Florida

"I never laughed so hard before"
Arron Troutner, Fair Guest, Baltimore, MD

"We've been coming to see (Broon) for years now... he always entertains me. I think he's great"
Lauren Blair, Fair Guest, Atlanta, GA

"I've seen all the acts, and Broon is my favorite... his show is different every time"
Jeff Tower, Fair Guest, Ashtabula, OH

"Broon is a big hit with the crowd... his expressive face and natural wit make him perfect for the outdoor arena"
The Arundel Sun

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