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Bob Strong

Bob has been crisscrossing the world since 1985, entertaining audiences large and small, young and old, formal and casual, and everything in between! Recently voted “San Francisco's Funniest Prop Comedian and the “Bay Area's Best Performer,” He has appeared on CBS This Morning, performed for the U.S. Congress, and taken his act to more than 30 different countries!

Although he specializes as a corporate entertainer, he regularly appears at a broad range of events: trade shows, conventions, product launches, cruise ships, colleges, comedy clubs, private parties, political events, and much more.

No two Robert Strong shows are ever the same! He believes in creating a unique theatrical experience for each audience that is both interactive and magical. His enthusiasm and charisma leave audiences buzzing with excitement and memories that will last a lifetime!

Hire Bob for your next event!

Bill The Magician

Be dazzled and amazed by the fun and entertaining Magic of Bill - The Best in Magical Entertainment!

Bill performs at any venue for children and adults. Bill is noted for customizing his shows to fit almost any theme. His unique style is appreciated by all audiences!

Bill was featured on National Television Fox Family Channel (30 seconds to fame) in 2002. He has also been on local television in the Tri-Valley area. Articles of his performances have been in local newspapers, as well.

All of his shows are high-energy with lots of laughter and audience participation! Bill's unique style in the art of sleight of hand leaves the audience saying . . . How did he do that! His shows also include pantomime, music, and comedy escapes.

Hire Bill for your next event!

Featuring Ricochet The Rabbit! Bill Sparacino - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area.

Heather the Ultimate Magician

Heather Rogers, MagicianYou won't believe your eyes with Heather's comical magic! This lovely lady will dazzle you with an unbelievable magical performance!

Standard Party Package: An amazing and hilarious show with magic, comedy, juggling and lots of audience participation. The hilarious and truly mystifying magic show contains over 30 magical effects. ALL the children (who want to) get to participate up - on stage - and become stars of the show!

I catch a bubble in thin air and roll it over my finger tips! 2 children become snarling wrestlers and turn 2 ropes into one!

San Francisco magicianThen a child and I do a dancing cane routine with the rest of the children clapping out the rhythm. Juggling and much much more!

At the end of the show your child graduates as a "real Magician" as I present them with a Magic wand and a fancy Certificate of Award.
Running time 35 - 45 minutes.

Deluxe Party Package: This package includes all the amazing things mentioned above, plus more magic!

And, Your child receives a special magic kit with tricks, instructions, clown nose, juggling balls and more
AND…I float your child in the air! A Chair Suspension Levitation is one of the few "Grand Illusions" that you can bring into any space. It can even be performed surrounded!
Running time 1 hour

e-mail us about Heather today!

Heather Rogers - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area.

Germar The Magician

Performing whacky, funny magic!

Germar started performing at age 3; Professionally at age 17.

Germar has an incredible stage act that includes live doves* that appear from nowhere, card manipulations, props, as well as clean comedy! His show is non-stop fun for the audience that participates!

During his children chows, Germar creates animal-shaped balloons. At the end, a bunny will appear from a hat that the birthday child will be holding! Germar will then teach the children a magic trick or two!

e-mail us about Germar today!

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Peter More

Peter More offers more - elegant, high-level magic - from simple card tricks - to stage magic that will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief!

His show is corporate-level, so although the prices may be a bit higher than one expects, one's jaw will drop when you experience this world-class show! Peter travels all over the US and Canada, so phone now!

"Peter's act led off the 1999 Share the Magic event at the Lesher Theater in Walnut Creek. First he dazzled us by producing and vanishing candles and billard balls. Peter returned to perform one of the most elegant floating silver ball routines I have ever seen."
– Don Heynen
Published in Mum Magazine 1999

e-mail us about Peter today!

Peter Morrison - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area.

David Belanzen also offers more - elegant, high-level magic, and he is in our Los Angeles area!

His show is corporate-level, so although the prices may be a bit higher than one expects, one's jaw will drop when you experience this world-class show!

e-mail us about David today!

David Belenzon - Professional Magician in the Los Angeles area.

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Upbeat and Entertaining...yet uncannily accurate. Carla-Madame keeps the fun alive at your child's party!

Join Sun Microsystems, Washington Mutual, Cisco Systems, Real Networks, Lucent Technologies (to name a few) and hire Carla for your next event. e-mail us about Carla today!

Carla Winter - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area.

Gerry Joseph

The Offician BART Magician, Gerry offers "walkaround" Magic, as well as complete shows - from High School to College to Corporate!

For a very funny magical experience, e-mail us about Gerry today!

He features LIVE Doves*

* Don't worry - as SPCA Members, we ensure they are never harmed and always treated with love and care.

Gerald Joseph - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area.


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Tim James

"Rocky the Raccoon"

Recipient of the Lance Burton Award of Excellence

Bring excitement and comedy to any event! Tim combines magic with clean comedy and juggling to create vaudevile-style antics that never cease to amaze and amuse.

Stand-Up Stage
The most requested show. Comedy, magic and manipulation performed on stage for large audiences or in your living room for smaller crowds.

Close-Up & Strolling
Performed inches from the spectators, the magic actually happens in the hands of the audience! Great for small groups, hospitality suites and restaurants.

Children's Shows
A colorfully magical show that will amaze the kids and astound the adults! Lots of audience participation. Great for small family gatherings and large auditoriums.

Shows designed to introduce and sell your product!

All shows customized to fit your needs.

Audiences include:

  • Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc
  • Blackhawk Automotive Museum
  • Compaq Computers
  • Guided Discoveries
  • International Home Foods
  • KKIQ Radio
  • Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Livermore Area Recreation and Park District
  • Livermore Police Department
  • San Francisco Museum of Art
  • Special Olympics
  • University Club - San Francisco
  • Wyndham Garden Hotel

Timothy James - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area. e-mail us about Tim today!

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Looking for a Magician in Chicago?
We offer...

Mike Dominico The Magician

Mike is taking magic to a new extreme. This world class act will keep you on the edge of your seat. He has been traveling the country and leaving a trail of spellbound audiences in his path.

This show is loaded with breathtaking fire eating, exotic animals and cutting-edge illusions. One of the highlights of the show is Mike's Award Winning Bird Act which has earned him numerous prestigious titles.

This is one show you don't want to miss. If it's style and charisma you want then Mike Dominico will leave you charmed!

Marty The Magician

Performing a local magician who has performed for large and small groups of all ages for the past 40 years. His greatest interest is performing close-up magic and sleight-of-hand, with always an emphasis on humor.

His magic began at the age of 11. Now, he performs for companies and private parties. He says "If I were to summarize my performance, it would be to evoke strong emotional responses from my audiences... in hope that it will be laughter... with a little shock, awe and intrigue thrown in for good measure!"

e-mail us about Marty today!

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Looking for a Magician in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas?
We offer...

Rick Smyth

Rick is a young, but a Professional Magician!

He has performed for Wayne Brady and Ellen Degeneres, so he's probably good enough for most events. <grin>

Hire Rick for your next event!

Brent Kesler

Performing in the greater Orlando, FL area, he his a regular at Universal Studios.

e-mail us about Brent today!

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Looking for a Magician in New Jersey and the Tri-State area?
We offer...

John Carlson - Magician and Ventriloquist!

John Carlson - the Northeast's Most Sought After Magician and Ventriloquist!

Hire John for your next event!

Looking for John Carlton - New Jersey's premier Magician and Ventriliquist? We have him here!

Looking for a Magician in San Jose, California?

Hank The Magician

Having been performing childrens' parties for over 20 years, he specializes in providing entertainment and fun for children of all ages!

"There is a lot of Audience Participation in the show, as children love to help make the magic happen, not just watch it.", Hank says.

Many kids will get a chance to come up and help the Magician. There is a lot of Comedy in the show, as children want to laugh with the magic rather than be mystified by it. "I also plan my effects around the age of the children. For the younger kids, I do magic with Flags, Coloring Books, Cookie Man, etc - things the kids can relate to."

The show comes to a whirlwind close with one of the children getting to put on a special costume and, using a lot of magical ingrediants, helps me to magically produce a real LIVE RABBIT! This is very much a family type show, so older children and adults will enjoy it, also. The cost for the above show is only $350.

Even his name is funny!

Tei's magic Show is very funny and fully involves the birthday child. In the performance, your child becomes the magician and "makes the magic happen". Scarves will disappear and reappear; candy is produced from a flash of fire; with many other mystical moments of fun.

After the Show balloon animals are made for the children. For the older kids, he teaches some magic tricks. The show is 30-40 minutes. The balloon animals between 15-20 minutes.

e-mail us about Tei today!

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Luna Leo

While he may not be able to actually take you to the moon (la Luna) - you'll think you've ben there!

Leo is great with Children AND Adults. His magic includes hilaroius comedy for all ages!

e-mail us about Leo today!

Leo Luna - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area.

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Danny Chan the Magic Man

This International performer is recognized as one of America's premier magical entertainers. A consummate performer, his talents have brought him to perform in venues in Hawaii, Mexico, Japan and across the country. A truly all around performer, his artistry is multifaceted. He excels not only in close-up magic, but in comedy and stage magic as well. Experience first-hand what makes Daniel such a highly sought after performer.

Since his early beginnings, Daniel has attracted clients at the top of their industry including IBM, Intel, Oracle, Chevron, SF Giants and countless others.

Also, he is a Balloonist &
a Juggler!

e-mail us about Dan today!

Daniel Chan - Professional Magician in the San Francisco Bay area.

Roy The Magician

From School events to mixed audiences, Roy's show is a must-see!
e-mail us about Roy today!

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Looking for a Magician in Los Angeles and surrounding areas?
We offer...

Karen The Magician

Performing Good Clean Corporate fun! Karen's clean observational humor is perfect for any event especially when it comes to corporate and convention, For 17 years she has entertained top companies with great success. From Merrill Lynch to Allcon Eye Care and everything in between - the reviews are all great!

"Comedy with Class!"
-The San Diego Tribune

"...the best comedy I've seen in a long time."
-The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Karen was a great success! She turned an otherwise boring event into an evening full of fun and laughter. Our biggest concern was to find a comedian that was non-offensive and catered to a sophisticated crowd. She far surpassed our expectations!

-Trevor Callan
VIce President, Merrill Lynch

e-mail us about Karen today!
Still not convinced? - view her video!

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Stoil the Magician

A regular at Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Stoil is a true high-end Professional.

While he doesn't do the "simple" clown magic, he can dazzle your sophisticated children at thir next birtday party.

Prices are very reasonable, so call now, or e-mail us about Stoil today!

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In Orlando, Florida!

Looking for a Magician in the Orlando, Florida area? We have them!


Phone us at 1-888-797-6729 or
e-mail us at

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