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Family entertainment serving nationwide!



Phone us at 1-888-797-6729 or
e-mail us at

Our Mimes are funny, clean, and most can juggle, as well!

For booking, phone us toll-free at 1-888-797-6729

Looking for a Mime in San Francisco area?




See many more of Carla's characters...

Our Mime's antics always leave an audience in laughter, and is a hit wherever they go. Their shows are a true crowd-pleaser!


"David, you're wonderful! You really captivated us!"
- Dana Carvey of Saturday Night Live

In the Los Angeles area:

Looking for a Mime in the Los Angeles, California area? Let Mark Mime for you!

  • A guaranteed hit at any event!
  • Grandstand warm-up
  • Roaming

Pure entertainment in any language!

Have fun with Mark - California's favorite Mime!

Mark Wenzel - Mime in California.

Mime in the Atlanta, GA area...

Steve is "the Man" in Atlanta!



Anne is the "French Mime", or a "Jester". She juggles, as well - making your event the best it can be! e-mail us now for availability!


Mime in the Las Vegas, NV area...

Gary is the friendly Mime in the greater Las Vegas area!


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