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Animal zoo in San Francisco

Animal Zoos serving nationwide.

From just a few animals to a large Farm - we can provide them all! We arrive timely and always supervise your events.

Consider our Petting Zoos for:

For bookings, phone us toll-free at 1-888-797-6729
(brought on by overall lawsuits Nationwide), WE HAVE HAD TO RAISE OUR PRICES.




Pony Rides:

Our Ponies can be rented by the hour (see our Prices) and from 1 to 8 Ponies!

Our Ponies are healthy,
clean, and friendly.

Reptile Shows:

NOTE: Many of our reptile and bird exibits are only provided in shows, not zoos. Only mammals are provided in free-roaming zoos.

Our reptile shows visit hundreds of classrooms and private events. Our shows can include exotic reptiles!
Phone us toll-free at 1-888-797-6729, or e-mail us today! Check out the packages below...
(In both Northern & Southern California – and nationwide.

 animal zoo

(Animals may be substituted, depending on wellness, situation and crowd. Prices vary depending on event date and demand/supply.)

Package prices:

Animal zoo

(example price is for up to
2 hours in Chicago, Illinois)

Mini donkey, Llama, goats, sheep, baby goats, lambs, giant rabbit, Jersey calf, Baby pot belly pigs, chickens, ducks, goose, ducklings, chicks, goslings.

Reptile zoo

(example price is for
1 hour in San Francisco)

10-20 reptiles. A great show, plus photo ops! You'll love it! Lots of fun and education. Ask about our giant Boa, Iguana, Tortoise!

Prises fluctuate by geographic location and date, so e-mail us about your event!


 Here are some examples of our $395 show in the San Francisco Bay area:

~ In Southern California ~

Reptile / Mammal / Amphibian / Insect Shows:

Caring wildlife presenters will delight you by showcasing exotic mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and bugs, for an up close and personal look at some of nature's most fascinating creatures.

Our fennec fox, coatimundi, porcupine and prairie dog will enchant you. Meet (and hold!) a huge python, a monstrous monitor lizard, a tremendous tortoise, some very creepy crawlies, and more! We even create a safari atmosphere by setting up a bamboo stage area that hides the animals so that each one is a surprise. Just take a seat on our comfortable outdoor carpet seating area to experience a thrilling show!

*Inquire about our super exotics: Boomer the Siberian lynx, Meeko the kinkajou, Kahuna the 180 lb tortoise, and Lola the two-toed sloth - or Cheetas, Panthers, Kuala Bears, etc. We can supply you with just about any animal you can think of! **

Our birthday party presentations are not just fun but educational as well. We talk about where the animals are from, what they eat, their favorite things to do, and the special ways they live their lives. After all the children (and adults) have cleaned their hands with germy lotion (antibacterial hand lotion that we provide), they get to pet the critters! The price for our hour-long birthday party presentation is $525. A traveling fee may apply for traveling outside a certain area.

Party Animals:
Exotic mammals: North American porcupine, Latin American coatimundi, African fennec fox, prairie dog, chinchilla (weather permitting).
Reptiles & amphibians: Large African monitor lizard, giant Burmese python, baby alligator, huge African tortoise and its tiny baby, blue tongued skink or monkey-tailed skink, a king snake or milk snake or baby anaconda, and a full-figured frog. Two surprise bugs! Walking stick, tarantula, largest species of scorpion (harmless), giant hissing cockroach, world's largest millipedes.

The animals would sure appreciate:

  • A close parking or unloading space.
  • Help keep the animals a surprise while we are setting up.
  • Please withhold snacks during the presentation.
  • For the safety of the children and the animals please help us supervise the children.

Prices start at $850 for an hour. e-mail us

Bird Shows:

Performing Parrot Show, or "Birds of Prey" show!

For the best entertainment for adults & children, this team uses a PA system while they perform tricks with their birds - at the same time teaching respect and kindness to the audience. You'll find comedy in this show, as well as see and interact with some very rare, beautiful birds! e-mail us for availability and pricing your next event. These happy birds will make your children happy, too!  Starting at $850.

Happy Birds



The ultimate in walkaround entertainment performing extensively at corporate events throughout Northern California. They draw and delight crowds of all ages. This authentic pirate character interacts with guests while his tamed and trained macaws pose for photos and are fed and held by guests.  Starting at $700.

Bird show

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** Lawsuit explaination:

USA: In 2004, "Little Johnny" fell off the side of a Pony. He was not hurt, as he only leaned to one side, but that provider was sued a petting zoo provider for over 4 million. They lost their business. Want to see more? See the Stella Awards - trivial lawsuits that have been won.

Insurance used to run about $8,000 per year. Over the last 3 years, it has tripled to nearly $27,000 per year - because of lawsuits. Rather than going under, we have had to raise our prices. When consumers can learn that "you get dirty when you play in a sand-box", or in this case, "you get scuffed when you ride a pony " - then people will hopefully halt these lawsuits and insurance rates may drop again.

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